Sezen Nasvadi

Sezen Nasvadi [se'zen]

Hairdresser, Stylist, Artist

Art & Hair

Sezi is a hairdresser and stylist with over 30 years of experience and numerous international awards. Her keen focus on individual personality, complemented by her extensive knowledge and skills, forms the core of her successful approach to making people look and feel amazing.

After relocating to Vienna and raising her child with the same dedication and passion, she completed her formal education at Kunstschule-Wien art school. This achievement provided her with the confidence she needed to realize a long-standing dream: combining her artistic talents and hairdressing skills under one roof. In her unique studio, she transforms hair into a work of art, creating an unforgettable experience where creativity and style unite seamlessly.

“I like to think of a hairstyle as a type of sculpture. The challenge is in working with a living being who carries my sculpture every day!”